Bluebloqs' Workshop In Flanders



The event was organized by the research department of Aquafin order to increase awareness and to bring together different important stakeholders. 

The event was attended by representatives of various municipalities in Franders, as well as diverse research organisations and the Flanders environmental legislator.

The program consisted of a brief presentation about the role and interest of Aquafin in the Bluebloqs project. This presentation was followed by a description of the Bluebloqs system including the advantages and feasibility. In the last presentation the results obtained from extensive monitoring of the demo were presented. After lunch, the demo in Aartselaar was visited. Finally, a brainstorm was held about the potential of the Bluebloqs concept in Flanders and the key stakeholders involved.

Results and Agreements

The participants of the workshop acknowledged the potential of decentralized circular water systems in Flanders and expressed their interest in the Bluebloqs system. The visit to the demo showed that the system can be nicely integrated in an urban environment. However, it is clear that there are still some important difficulties to overcome: deep-infiltration is regulated by the groundwater quality standards in Flanders, which differ from those in the Netherlands