SOMEREN (Netherlands)

30 Sep

This demo is located in the city of Someren, in the south of the Netherlands. Inhabitants area facing pluvial problems during intense peaks of rainfall, due to the limited capacity of the sewer system. The geological conditions in Someren are very different from the geology in The Hague and Rotterdam, where the first applications of the Bluebloqs technology have been applied. Through this demonstrator, the applicability of the Bluebloqs technology can be tested under these new conditions. Additionally, the prupose of this demo is to explore potential system configuration to use more green collecting and retention infrastructure in order to increase the spatial quality in the area.

Demo description

The Municipality of Someren has started the ‘Onweerstaanbaar Someren’ initiative, to make the municipality of Someren climate-proof. A point of attention in the municipal stormwater management policy is the active use of opportunities to disconnect rainwater from wastewater system in the urban retrofitting projects. The Bluebloqs system will be implemented in a pilot project in the Willem Alexanderlaan street where the water nuisance is at its peak, being integrated in such a way that the liveability and attractiveness of the area is also increased.

Figure 1. Cross section street profile with gutter and emergency overflow to retention strip

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