Aarteselaar (Belgium)

30 May

Research on the system efficiency. 1st prototype in Belgium.

The first demo that was implemented in 2019 is the Bluebloqs biofilter at the Research Campus of Aquafin in Aartselaar. The system at Aquafin comprises a small-scale configuration of the Bluebloqs technology for treatment of storm water run-off. The system has no installations for deep infiltration and re-use to allow for extensive analysis of the water treatment performance of the Bluebloqs biofilter, by feeding the influent to the biofilter with various compositions of pollutants typically found in storm water run-off.

Demo Description

At the research and water treatment facilities of Aquafin in Aartselaar, a 9m2 Bluebloqs biofilter has been built in order to perform extensive research on the treatment efficiency of the system. Because of strict legislation on deep infiltration in Flanders, particularly in relation to the water quality, the demonstrator project at Aquafin was built with the following objectives:

  • To test treatment performance of the Biofilter, particularly in relation to the infiltration requirements for Flanders.
  • To generate empiral evidence to support the further optimisation of the Bluebloqs technology and system configuration.
  • To assess and improve the acceptability of the innovation by water managers and end-users in Flanders.

Around the design, implementation and monitoring of the system in Aartselaar, the demo in Aarteslaar has a crucial role in facilitating the discussion on existing legislation and public opinions regarding deep infiltration. By testing the efficiency and reliability of the Bluebloqs biofilter, the demo can assess and showcase the potential of the technology for the Flanders region.

Figure 1. Photo of demo in Aartselaar after completion of the construction works.


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