Bluebloqs Demonstration Project

Showcasing the potential of circular water systems in urban areas.

About the project

Bluebloqs - Circular Water Systems is an international 2-year Demonstration project funded by EIT Climate KIC


The alterations on rain cycles due to climate change, have caused that urban areas across Europe are increasingly facing flooding due to peaks of rainfall, as well as water shortage as a result of long periods of drought. These changes cause the present urban infrastructure to be overwhelmed, and the replacement of the current centralized urban drainage and supply systems are labor-intensive and expensive for the governments.

Bluebloqs is an innovative solution designed to mitigate the impacts of droughts and floods at the same time as it allows the generation of water within the urban fabric of cities.


The main goal of the project is to demonstrate the capacity and efficiency of the technology to collect, treat, infiltrate, and reuse rainwater, generating water reserves within the urban fabric of cities.


The way to demonstrate the capacity and benefits of the system will be through the construction of 4 functional prototypes in 3 countries (Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain).


The first Bluebloqs system was implemented in 2018, in Spangen, Rotterdam. This neighbourhood suffered from water nuisance during intense rainfall and inhabitants wanted a greener public space. After 2 years in operation, the initial system design is being evaluated, with focus on long term water quality performance and optimisation of operational regimes.

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A prototype of the Bluebloqs biofilter in Aartselaar is sited at the wastewater treatment research facilities of Aquafin. The system has no installations for deep infiltration and re-use to allow for extensive analysis of the treatment performance of the Bluebloqs biofilter to meet the quality regulations for deep infiltration in Flanders.

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The Cromvliet Park in the city of The Hague consists of a city farm with animal pens and green areas. The Bluebloqs technology will be implemented to utilise a combined influent of rainwater and surface water, to provide fresh water for irrigation and to the animals, after storage in the subsurface.

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The Caleido Park is an iconic urban area in the city of Madrid, comprising a large business campus with extensive green areas. Rainwater will be collected, treated and used to refill and ornamental pond, allowing for testing the performance of Bluebloqs technology in the Mediterranean/semi-arid climate zone of Madrid.

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Bluebloqs' project Kick-off Meeting

On the 26th of March, we had the kick-off meeting of the EIT Climate KIC Demonstrator project Bluebloqs Circular Water System at the Bouwcampus, in Delft. The aim of the meeting was to align on the project goals, planning and ambitions. After the meeting, a visit to the Urban Waterbuffer Spangen in Rotterdam took place, to see the first full-scale application of the Bluebloqs technology.

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Bluebloqs' first functional DEMO prototype in Belgium

The construction of the the first functional biofilter in Belgium was finished by mid-July at the facilities of Aquafin in Aartselaar.

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Bluebloqs' first Knowledge-Triangle Event in Madrid

The first Knowledge-triangle event (KTE) of the project was held in Madrid on November 28th 2019. With up to 11 speakers participating in a debate regarding the use of nature-based solutions for the collection, treatment, and reuse of rainwater, putting in context the Bluebloqs system for the city of Madrid.

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Bluebloqs' Workshop In Flanders

The event was organized by the research department of Aquafin order to increase awareness and to bring together different important stakeholders.

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Bluebloqs makes cities climate resilient. Powered by nature.




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Bluebloqs Circular Water Systems

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